Bayern – Borussia Dortmund: 1xBet evaluates the main battle of the Bundesliga

Bayern – Borussia Dortmund: 1xBet evaluates the main battle of the Bundesliga

The global betting company 1xBet tells about the game of the strongest German teams, who are fighting for the Salad Bowl.

Tournament situation

The German football classic match will be held on April 1, and someone won’t laugh on this day. For the first time since August 2019, Borussia Dortmund occupies the first place in the standings (they couldn’t climb to the top even with Erling Haaland) and will go to Munich to defend their claim to the title. Bayern is only one point behind the leader and will try to prove the situation in March was an unfortunate accident.  

Bayern’s failed experiments

Recently, Bayern fans have noticed more and more experiments of the head coach Julian Nagelsmann. Sometimes the team goes into a match with an overly cautious game plan and then plays total ball control without any noteworthy attempts to breach the rival’s defence. It looks like good car factory parts (hi Audi) have been replaced with ones made in a garage.

Another confirmation was the away match with Bayer. Munich scored first but then lost control of the game and started some panopticon. Occasionally, there was a feeling that it was easier for the Bayern defenders to play against Messi and Mbappe than against the Leverkusen attacking line. And the famous Reds’ discipline has disappeared somewhere – the team fouled twice in the box, received two penalties and unexpectedly realized they were losing the championship.

Bayern remembered they were Bayern only in the last ten minutes of the game, but the Black and Reds goalkeeper Lukas Hradecky heroically saved the victory.

As a result, Bayern management panicked and fired Julian Nagelsmann before the season’s decisive matches. The ex-coach of Borussia Dortmund, PSG and Chelsea, Thomas Tuchel, was appointed instead. This twist looks unexpected but can greatly shake the team at the right time.

Interesting detail: Bayern, with Xabi Alonso, has never lost to Bayer in six matches. The great Spaniard became a coach and beat Bayern on the first try. And Munich this season brought six penalties in their own net. The last time the team behaved so undisciplined was in the 1979-1980 season!

Dortmund can take the title

Borussia was upset that Chelsea and Schalke ended Edin Terzic’s team’s 11-win streak. The Bumblebees’ wrath fell upon Cologne.

The coach remembered the old mistakes in the Champions League battle, refused short passes near his own goal, switched to long throws and got a comfortable victory. The players got almost everything, and the match ended with a tennis score of 6-1.

Dortmund continues to play without a successful forward. It is physically difficult for Haller, and Moukoko does not look too confident after the winter break. However, Borussia still scores (in the last game, the team punished opponents 6 times for the first time this season), and it doesn’t matter if Karim Adeyemi’s speed or Julian Brandt’s back helps them.

Terzic does not try to experiment and lives according to his means. His team includes Jude Bellingham, a maestro playing the piano. The remaining 10 players carry this very piano.

Fight for the championship

Borussia can compete for the title, but what to do with the insidious statistics? This season, Bayern have never lost at home, and it is unlikely something like this appears in their plans for Saturday evening. Jokes aside, we’re in for a real fight. 

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