FCT FA boss welcomes European Super League

FCT FA boss welcomes European Super League


FCT Football Association chairman Adam Mouktar Mohammed has welcomed the proposal for Europe’s top clubs to found an independent European Super League.

Mouktar Mohammed said this proposal is a clarion call for real stakeholders both abroad and in Nigeria to take full charge of their own business.

FIFA, UEFA and the various major leagues have come out fighting against this proposal, but the FCT FA boss said the clubs, who are the major stakeholders of the game, are very much within their rights to decide how they run their business.

Premier League top guns Manchester City, Manchester United, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus, Inter Milan, AC Milan are among the clubs who have accepted this European Super League proposal.

“The clubs are king, they are now saying you have to answer to us,” Mouktar Mohammed told ScorNigeria.com. “They are the real stakeholders, they buy the best players, they have the stadiums, they pay the salaries, and they now want to run their business.

“These clubs are led by successful men in their various businesses who did not succeed by chance.”


Mouktar Mohammed said this also has direct bearing on Nigeria football.

“There are many impostors in Nigeria football, while the real stakeholders, who put their money where their mouth is, are disregarded,” he reasoned. “This could well be the biggest push Nigeria football desperately needs.

“State governments are pumping millions after millions in the football clubs year after year and they still get nothing to show for all these.

“Rather they get those who don’t have a stake, those who don’t add value to the game, to dictate how the game is run.

“It should get the state governments to have a rethink how they should be involved in football.”

The FCT FA boss said he does not expect the top clubs to back down with the best possible scenario being for FIFA, UEFA and other associations aiming for a compromise with the big clubs.

“It’s their fundamental right how they run their business and no association has the power to stop them,” he said.

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