Golden Glove Predictions for World Cup 2022 Qatar

Golden Glove Predictions for World Cup 2022 Qatar

The goalkeeping position is not one that wins too many prestigious trophies but the goalkeeper is the key player in every football team. Throughout the years, we’ve seen some amazing goalkeepers performing at the best possible level for both club and country. Who’s going to win the Golden Glove in this World Cup in Qatar? Check out our predictions below to find out who the top favorites are.

Golden Glove predictions for World Cup 2022

There are some great goalkeepers this year. Here are the top favorites for the Golden Glove in Qatar.

Prediction 1: Dominik Livakovic @ 7/4 (2.75)

The 27-year-old Dinamo Zagreb star has been a rock behind the defenders. Even if you manage to somehow get past Josko Gvardiol, you meet a wall in front of you as Dominik Livakovic is saving everything this year.

He’s one of the main reasons Croatia advanced so far in the World Cup. Being the hero in two penalty shootouts, Dominik Livakovic is keen on nullifying Lionel Messi in the semi-final clash on the 13th of December. Should he manage to do that, he will not only knock out Argentina but will also drastically increase his chances of winning the Golden Glove as one of his top opponents for winning the award is Argentina’s Emiliano Martinez.

Prediction 2: Yassine Bounou @ 2/1 (3.00)

What an underdog story we saw this year in the World Cup! Morocco qualified for the semi-final game against France and while everyone is pegging the African players to be dead men walking, we wouldn’t be too sure about that as with Yassine Bounou in the starting XI, everything seems possible for Morocco.

Bono is the key reason for his team’s success as he has been simply remarkable between the woodwork. His catlike reflexes saved the day on multiple occasions for Morocco. He’s the only World Cup goalkeeper who hasn’t conceded a single goal from an opponent’s shot. The only ball that went past him was that extremely unfortunate Nayef Aguerd own goal in the match against Canada in the group stage.

A huge boost to his chances of securing yet another clean sheet would be Walid Regragui’s ultra-defensive lineup. Very few shots get past the well-organized defense and Yassine Bounou usually doesn’t have too much work.

Prediction 3: Emiliano Martinez @ 11/4 (3.75)

Sure, Emi Martinez is not the bookies favorite to win the Golden Glove this year but this doesn’t mean that the chances are gone. Certainly not. Usually, the recipients of these awards are from the team that wins the World Cup. And this is his best bet against Yassine Bounou and Dominik Livakovic.

No one expects Croatia or Morocco to be in the final game of the World Cup. However, Argentina are a top candidate to reach the final match at Lusail. Should they manage to do that, Emiliano Martinez’s chances of poaching the Golden Glove award will skyrocket.

He didn’t have too much work to do in the group stages but he pulled off a remarkable piece of goalkeeping in the games against Australia and the Netherlands. He was the difference-maker in the game against the Netherlands as he saved two penalties. He’s going to be on top of his game in the semi-final clash versus Croatia on the 13th of December.

World Cup 2022 – Golden Glove odds

Brazil is considered the top favourite to win the world cup in Qatar. Based on that, all Golden Glove predictions suggest that Brazil’s number one, Alisson Becker is the favourite for the Golden Glove award. All bookmakers agree with this statement which is why they have Alisson as the number one candidate for the trophy. Next in line, we have Thibaut Courtois who already has one of these trophies in his cabinet. In the last world cup, Belgium was eliminated in the semi-final by eventual winners France. If Courtois can replicate his performances in Qatar, he has a chance of being the best goalkeeper at the tournament once again.

Player Best Odds by

Dominik Livakovic

7/4 (2.75)

Yassine Bounou

2/1 (3.00)

Emiliano Martinez

11/4 (3.75)

Hugo Lloris

15/2 (8.50)

Bookmakers put Hugo Loris as the third favourite for this prize. Without a doubt Hugo Loris is one of the key players for France this year. He certainly was one of the reasons for France’s success during the last World Cup. These four goalkeepers are the leading candidates for the Golden Glove; however, some players can challenge them. Manuel Neuer has been a rock between the goalposts. According to bookmakers, he is among the favourites for the Golden Glove trophy as well. England’s number one Jordan Pickford or Aaron Ramsdale are also amongst the favorites to win the Golden Glove. They are backed by almost every bookmaker out there.

Golden Glove predictions – History of the Golden Glove trophy

During a world cup tournament, excellent goalkeepers can challenge for the Golden Glove trophy. It’s an award that’s based on individual performances although there is a bigger chance of winning if your nation goes far in the tournament. The best goalkeepers have been recognized since the first world cup in 1930. However, they didn’t have an official award until USA 1994. The award was called the Lev Yashin trophy, in honour of the legendary Russian goalkeeper. It was renamed in 2010 and has since been known as the Golden Glove award.

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Through the years, some of the best goalkeepers in the world have won this coveted prize. Legends like Iker Casillas, Gianluigi Buffon, Oliver Kahn, and Fabien Barthez have one in their trophy cabinets. However, like with most world cup awards, no goalkeeper has won the trophy more than once. Looking at Golden Glove predictions, we see several names that already have one of these trophies. So, maybe Qatar 2022 will be the year in which a goalkeeper wins this prize for the second time. It’s important to note that in most tournament editions, the winner of this award was the goalkeeper who played for the nation that won the world cup. This is not always true so goalkeepers from lower-ranked countries shouldn’t get discouraged.

For instance, back in 2018, Thibaut Courtois won the Golden Glove trophy even though Belgium was eliminated in the semi-finals. The same thing happened in 2002 when Oliver Kahn won the award. Germany lost to Brazil in the final but Kahn was indeed the best goalkeeper during the whole tournament. Below, we will talk about all the Golden Glove predictions for Qatar 2022.


Who is the Golden Glove favourite?

According to Golden Glove predictions, Alisson Becker is the favourite to win the 2022 Golden Glove trophy.

Who won the last Golden Glove trophy?

Belgium’s Thibaut Courtois won the Golden Glove back in 2018.

Which player holds the record for most saves in a world cup match?

Tim Howard from the USA holds this record. During the round of 16 back in 2014, he managed 16 saves against Belgium.

Which nations are the favourites to lift the world cup trophy?

Brazil is the main favourite to win it all followed by France, England, Argentina, and Spain.

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