Osimhen Addresses Talks Of Using Protective Mask As His “Juju” For Scoring Goals

Osimhen Addresses Talks Of Using Protective Mask As His “Juju” For Scoring Goals

Nigeria international striker Victor Osimhen has reacted to rumours that the protective mask he wears is a superstitious gear aimed to help him score more goals.

This season, the forward has come to the fore with ten goals in 13 games for high flying Napoli. In the Serie A he has nine goals in 11 games and it includes seven in his last six games with Napoli holding on to their spot as league leaders.

He plays with a protective mask after a facial surgery early this year and it was meant to be for a period of time but he has stuck by it leading to talks about the mask as his good luck charm.

Speaking to II Mattino, Osimhen explained that he is wearing the mask for physical protection saying it is not a thing of superstition. He said he feels more relaxed wearing the mask owing to the severe nature of the facial surgery he had.

“The injury was heavy, like the operation and the long period in which I was out. Take off the mask? I really don’t think about it. It has nothing to do with the mental aspect, the mask is a physical protection and I keep it. It’s not a thing of superstition, I’m more relaxed like this: I protect my face better by wearing it. And I don’t take it off”, he explained.


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