Rio Ferdinand inducted into Premier League Hall of Fame

Rio Ferdinand inducted into Premier League Hall of Fame

Rio Ferdinand, a former Manchester United defender, has been named to be inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame.

A statement on the Red’s website on Wednesday disclosed that he was selected from a shortlist of 15 players following an online public vote and input from the Premier League Awards Panel.

In reaction to the news, Ferdinand replied: “The last one with Sir Alex, because it was his last one as well, and it was such a big moment. That title meant the most because a lot of people had doubted me going into that season.

“There was talk about me maybe going to Spurs, and I had a lot of injuries around that time as well. Then we had that season and I played a lot of games. I got into the Premier League Team of the Season that year and we won the league.

“Everyone says: ‘Oh, it was the worst team that Sir Alex Ferguson had that won the league.’

“Bad teams don’t win Premier Leagues. That team knew how to grind and fight, and could finish teams off.”

“As a defender, I’m not used to celebrating personal glory,” he admitted. “We leave that to the midfielders and strikers! When you start your career, you never dream of how well things could turn out.

“I remember all those long journeys on trains and tubes; all the training, cleaning players’ boots and taking care of the kit. I remember going back to my estate and seeing my friends who were all desperate to know what it was like. It’s a great feeling to be recognised by my peers, as well as the fans.

“To be inducted into the Premier League Hall of Fame alongside such a high calibre of players and to be able to say that I achieved my dream is special. The Premier League is the Holy Grail, and I just can’t believe I made it.

“The only thing I can think of [in terms of leaving a legacy], without patting myself on the back too much, would be the way I played my position which was probably something that set me apart.

“At that time, a centre-half who’s comfortable running out with the ball and taking the ball under pressure, wasn’t really what the position’s identity was about but that was my identity.

“You look at the players now, that’s a massive part of the way young centre-backs play because those are the demands put on players. I’d love to have played today.”

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