Taiwo Awoniyi Says Nottingham Forest Will “Do Everything” To Remain In PL

Taiwo Awoniyi Says Nottingham Forest Will “Do Everything” To Remain In PL

Nottingham Forest striker Taiwo Awoniyi has pledged that he and his team will do everything in their power to remain in the Premier League ahead of next season.

Awoniyi, who has five goals for Forest this season, just made his return to the pitch following a three-month absence due to a groin injury.

The Nigerian international started the Premier League game against Manchester United on Sunday, April 16, in which he had a performance rating of just 2.6.

Ahead of the Premier League game, Awoniyi told BBC Radio that Nottingham Forest who returned to the league last summer, are not in the league to drop down to the Championship.

He said, “The goal is to believe in ourselves and believe in what we’re doing. The fans have been brilliant for us, we need them to keep the support and keep the belief.

“We’ll do everything in our power that we can and this is what we are here for – to stay in the Premier League. We are not here to go down. We just have to look into ourselves and get better at our games, which is the most important thing.”

He added, “Football is what you love doing. Injuries are part of the game and once you find yourself missing out, you get upset sometimes. You just have to work hard and get back to fitness.

“Some injuries just take a while, like the one I had. The most important thing is to listen to the medical staff because they have the best idea and they know the best thing to do for your body.”

Even though Taiwo Awoniyi’s comments were filled with enthusiasm ahead of their clash with Manchester United at the City Ground on Sunday, the Red Devils defeated them 0-2. The defeat has pushed Forest into the relegation zone (18th spot) with 27 points in 31 games.

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